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November 05, 2003



10 out of 10 for the sheer coolness of it all. To be honest, the whole philosophy angle in the Matrix series was always secondary to me. Yeah, it's cool and fun to talk about, but in the end, all I wanted were things I'd never seen before, and I got that in spades from Revolutions.

For good story, I'll stick to LOTR.

Oh, and about damn time you got a blog. Why didn't you send out the address?


I didn't send out the address because I was not sure who would be really interested in it.

But since you posted and asked, you must be interested :-), hence, you got my address. What is yours? Do you have two blogs or just one?

- Raist


Bah! This movie rocked. Period. The ending pulled it all together. Philosophy was not groundbreaking, but sound.

I think the reason more people didn't like this movie is that, whether they realize it or not, people like character development. Because this was the third installment, characters were done (overdone?), and pretty static. If you expected more here, you were bound to be disappointed.

I didn't, and wasn't. :)


-=-=-=- MINOR SPOILER ALERT stop reading if you care about watching the movie -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Well, how about just simply bad acting? Seriously, the acting was bad bad bad.. and I suspect not all the actors were bad, but like in Phantom Menace either the script or direction screwed up.

The best example I can think of is Oracle... there was always an incredible wisdom but humble/unasuming air about her, and this character as presented just was so mundane, that you could get more advice out of a plastic 8-ball.

And I don't blame the actress, I think she really tried.

The movie failed to explore Morpheou's "come to terms" with the fact that Oracle was not what he thought she was, which was setup quite nicely in the 2nd.

Most of the scenes I found myself enjoying the most (except for the final visual feast) were scenes were Agent Smith was... and not coincidentially, I think he was the only Real Actor(TM) or maybe the one that was allowed to be so, in the entire movie. Ironically The Merovingian I thought was pretty interesting but they didn't do much with him... particularly for such an important guy according to the third.

I have read some people that point and say "oh you just didn't get it, the philosophy/blah is all there." My answer is simple: it's not making superficial references with cheesy delivery what would make this worthy, but actually bringing this material forward with class and movie relationship... I feel the movie just simply failed to do this, while something like the second movie I think did fairly well.

The pacing in many scenes was just.. so wrong somehow... it just felt to me like I was watching the rehearsal of the actors along with the diretors, for filming the movie instead of the final product.

The most surprising aspect of this movie to me, perhaps is that by trivializing on many concepts it was developing in the second movie, now the 2nd movie to me seems bad...

I also found that many characters the way they talked is as if they were trying to "be important" instead of just 'being important...' Hard to explain I guess...

Anyhow, this is just my opinion, not gospel, and I welcome different points of view. I would still recommend the movie on visuals alone. I thought the last fight was pretty damn cool, and some scenes were visually stunning.

Now,here's an interesting question for the Matrix fans- did the machines let humans go free (those already in the Matrix) or not?


Sigh. Dammit, you're right. It sucked. The battle for Zion rocked, though :)

Mmmmmmm, explosiony

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