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November 28, 2003



I'm actually enjoying it so far, about 13 hours in. FFX-2 seems to me like the new Star Wars movies: if you expected something revolutionary, you're in the wrong place. I like it in much the same way I like DOAX.

I really dig the fast battles (but not the eternal wait after they're over), and a lot of the music is really great, far better than FFX. I also like the minigames, whereas Blitzball in FFX filled me with rage.

Paine as a character is tragically wasted, IMO. So many missed opportunities to rip into the other characters when they start acting goofy. When she does go for comedy, it tends to fall flat. Damn shame.

The menus aggravate me. The most common thing I do in the menu is look at how one of the girls is progressing in a certain dressphere, then change her to a different one. This should all be right on one screen, but unless I missed something, you can't actually _change_ a character's dresspheres from the same screen you use to _look_ at their details.


I'm just curious, what disconnect in FF8 did you see? I watch a lot of anime and asian cinema so there's a strong chance I understood, so I'm curious what you're referring to?

Haven't played X-2 yet (hopeing for a Christmas present) so no comments yet..


The "disconnect" I refer to in FF8 now that I reflect on it happened in many ways and sometimes gradually. It has to do with the story, pacing and characters and the way a scene is portrayed. But in particular:

To me two big disconnects in FF8 were how Edea was treated as a character once the nature of the posession by Ultimecia is introduced to the player - she's like helpless and powerless. I expected a bit more considering all the main coverwork/atwork that went into her, or a better way to explain it (she's supposed to be a sorceress too after all, and it seems all other sorceress just kicked ass power wise). I realize at one point the powers pass to Rinoa... but still.

The other point to me was when Rinoa is alone is space and just dies (or was about to die). I just found the whole scene a good exercise in suspension of disbelief. Fromt the oxygen issue to hanging in a rotating spaceship the way they "clicked" to it.

Hmm, you know, now that I read what I wrote, I don't think it captures totally what I feel about it. I can say those points kinda made me feel farther away from the story, but there's still something missing in what I want to say. I am going to have to bake the thought a bit more.

Crowdpleazr, how did it feel to you? Did you find FF8 consistent throughout the experience?

Other than what I said, I enjoyed the game, even though the battle system was in dire need of the speedup they did in FF X (summons took way too long and they will repeat over and over).

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