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December 06, 2003



Believe it or not, I too am browsing the laptop market. Of course, my budget and performance requirements are far smaller than yours. Usually eMachines makes cheapo PC's. But I saw this widescreen laptop at BestBuy and it has surprisingly gotten good reviews: http://www.techtv.com/freshgear/products/story/0,23008,3453412,00.html I think a more improved version is out since that review was written.

Paul Reynolds

Oh yeah, and a guy at work got an Alienware laptop that is sweeeeeeeeeet. They're having a lot of special promotions for the holidays: http://www.alienware.com/


Hey Paul, if you are considering that, stop by a compusa and consider the Toshiba M35. Sure, it's $200 more, but you get integrated wireless, the best WXGA display I have even seen so far, the best sound I have heard so far of any WXGA (the gateway has a subwoofer and it has an edge on the lows but it soujnds a bit "chippy" on the highs, and the Toshiba M35 does not), has 60 gigs hardisk and a Centrino 1.4 Ghz (3.6+ on normal battery) with a high capacity option of 7+ hours (my estimate).

I would definitively trust Toshiba before an eMachine any day.. not to say that machine is not nice, but I do think Toshiba has more build to it.

Here's the link:


Oh btw, the Toshiba comes bundled with One Note And becuase it has a 5200 FX go you will be able to do Direct 3d 9.0 ... very slowly :-)

Alienware: they are cool but.. um... their Centrino model sucks. So their battery life sucks too. They are supposed to get going a special discount for game developers, but they are still "developing the program" last time I heard from a co-worker.

However, more than Alienware I would say it's more about voodoo now. Don't confuse this Voodoo with 3dfx, these guys are in their own class now. They have a high end Centrino with a Radeon 9600 *and* 128 megs Vram.. also they are THE FIRST to have a desktop Athlon 64 w/ the 128 megs vram 9600.

Yes, the Athlon 64.. Benches I saw crushes everything out there.. it's insane.. and so is the price of either :-) ($3,500+)

They call it "voodoo envy" with good reason, their laptop exterior/finish is painted like a metallic car color... just like a car I think.

Check their laptop offering (they also do desktops)


- Raist


Hey, just checked the eMachine.. now that I remember, I saw it recently at a Best Buy- either the one in the review or the new one. You are right, for the price this machine looks pretty nice. I didn't concentrate on the display but I got the impression the display it had was nice and didn't suck.

So if I was going to compare this say vs the Toshiba, this machine may be faster at some apps cpu wise, but vice versa with the Toshiba.

Also the latest eMachine includes wireless g while Toshiba's is b... so that's another plus.

From the way I look at it the Toshiba has faster graphics, "more class", better brand, longer battery. But the e-machine is $200 cheaper (that's taking into account two mail-in rebates for the Toshiba, and make that $250 if you want the g-wireless). In the rest they seem very similar.

- Raist

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