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December 21, 2003



I forgot to add Bman to the list of people that can read the whole cover probably very well :-)


I can read the katakana parts just fine, but my kanji is rather spotty these days.

Interesting that they chose to redo the cover with manga-looking characters. Did the art guys at Insomniac do that version too, or did the publisher in Japan do it?


That was Japan, AFAIK.


Actually, I can't read that. I've only been leaning how to speak, not read, though I've looked at some katakana/hiragana books and I think I know enough to start picking it up on the side.


BTW, in the in-game for Japan, Ratchet has the big eyebrows and the eyes are more all dark, zombie like. Makes him look a tad more "anime" and this is one way to spot the US/PAL version from Japan's right away.


You can spot the Japan version of Street2 by a lot of the different FE artwork...and the less stable gameplay. For some reason they got the FIRST version we finaled, and everyone else got the second, much more stable and slightly better looking/playing version. I think the reason was because asian SKUs were not expected to sell very well at all.

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