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January 27, 2004



Damn, that looks nice.


Yeah, from what I can see of it, that's a hell of a view.

Princess Fix IT

Man....that is one nice picture!


Hey, thanks!


Very nice image... Yes it's better without the light fixture. Although I don't think it detracted from it all that much.

For this one the balance of light and dark make very good contrast to the focal point of the scenery. The luck, or perhaps patience, of having the bright window spot mirror the angle of the dark shadow of the wall builds the frame well with minimal distraction.

The window frame with sky and earth scenery is almost ideal. The 2x2x1 frame gives a familiar aspect to the top half of the frame. While the single bottom frame gives a reinforcement of the earth base.

The only drawbacks I see come from the expectations I get from seeing this image. The high angles of the interior context makes me expect, and somewhat prefer, a matching high angle in the window scenery. I was expecting/wanting to see taller more defined mointans to match the inside. In a similar way I wish for a floor surface to match the ceiling surface. My brain, with the attached eyes, are expecting the simetry of a floor and ceiling to match the simetry of the rest of the interior.

All that said...

It's a very good picture.


Grafik, that's so *awesome feedback!* I feel compelled to ask, are many of the things you mentioned because of photography courses you have taken or more your own opinion/perception described in a lot of detail?

The angle of the light was luck more than patience, but it was probably one of the things that made me see there was potential for a good photo there... but I just didn't think about it that way. It "just looked good."

When I read your critique I can't help but wonder how many implicit guideliness and perhaps rules you have running in your brain...

Thanks again.

- Raist


The basic principles come from art and photography classes of some sort or other. As it turns out I've been taking art instruction, sporadically, since I was 8. I happened to really anoy some teachers at that young age because I was bored with what they wanted me to learn. Which got me kicked out of those classes early on :-O

More comes from psyc. & philosophy to understand how people think. Understanding how people think is something I mostly tought myself in trying to think about artificial intelligence for a long time. But I did take a fair number classes about that also.

Many of the things people do are easy to understand and are obvious once pointed out. But humans are good at doing things without thinking about them. If we wern't we would most likely be extinct.

Looking at something, and "fealing" that it looks good is something that boils down to recognition and understanding. The more we recognize and understand something the better it looks. Art, psychology, religion, advertising, politics, etc. all work to maximize those "fealings".

But yes I do tend to have a lot of things in my head all the time... even when I sleep.


..PS.. Is there a way to make the tiny box I'm typing this into any bigger ;-)


"..PS.. Is there a way to make the tiny box I'm typing this into any bigger ;-)"

Not that I know of... I am using the typepad "movable type front end" and I don't see the options there.

If you were bored in a class when you were a kid I wonder if you were an extrovertive type that causes a rucus in the classroom :-)

There was something else I wanted to say, related to psychology but I forgot entirely right now. It will come up eventually, again.


"If you were bored in a class when you were a kid I wonder if you were an extrovertive type that causes a rucus in the classroom :-)"

No, introvert all the way. If I had acted out as an extrovert I would have had no time to do all the thinking I did to better understand how people behave. And no time to take pictures, draw, carpentry, reading sci-fi and of course computer games and programming :-)

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