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January 22, 2004



Personally, I don't believe that the dems would be above this kind of thing if the situation were reversed.

But it isn't, and the fun thing is that I'm fairly sure the republicans have already violated the DMCA, and may even qualify as terrorists under the USA PATRIOT act (though my memory is fuzzy on the specifics of that).

Now wouldn't THAT be ironic!


While I am not inclined to think they would, I also wouldn't rule out that they would have done it. To me more than "reps vs dems" is simply th3e fact that this is just wrong to do, but when you combine it with all the "Big Brotherish" stuff the current administration has been doing (like you pointed out), it becomes far far scarier.

But you know, they are not terrorists since it's so damn Dems the ones that are having the subsersive thoughts :-)


I think it's just another symptom of the current GOP 'anything it takes' attitude. They're abusing democracy everywhere, and circumventing it when they can. Think Texas. Think California. Think 'if you're not for us, your against us'. Think 'if you don't love this country, you're free to leave (actual country song)'.

Bully tactics. Scare tactics. Strong-arming.

The central tenet of Facism is that anything against the party is against the nation, and is wrong thinking. We have a facist party in full control now.

Going further, I'd say Orwell's dystopia has come to pass, in every important way. When I learned the term 'doublespeak' I understood it was a Bad Thing. The Bushies seemed to have thought "Cool! So, like lets call it the 'Clear Skies Act'. OOOOH, what about 'Healthy Forests Initiative!? And hey, it says it right there, don't it: WAR is PEACE! Yeeeeehaaaaaw".

When I was a kid I had a dog which took his time eating. He'd sniff around, take small bites, sniff some more... Then we got another dog. The new guy would wolf his food down, and start on the older dog's food once he was done. Needless to say, the poor old dog had to learn how to eat as fast as the younger one. It was a race to the bottom.

And that's what we have here. The Dems are (unfortunately) going to have to learn to wolf down that food.

(hmmmm, this comment would make a fine post in my blog... muahaha)


You know, I don't think I have read even 1% of the vast Alexandric-like library of books you have read but 1984 was my first "heavy English novel" I read on my own (partially at your recommendation- I can't remember now) in highschool when I still had to look left and right the English words from a dictionary...

" And hey, it says it right there, don't it: WAR is PEACE! Yeeeeehaaaaaw"."

That's... scary.

- Raist

PS: Yeah, it would make a fine post in your blog :-)

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