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February 25, 2004



i think you have a pretty high tolerance for nutballs so i'd say it might be worth a shot... seriously though, i think it's a viable option since you don't really go out much (i think?)

as long as you're prepared for 90% mediocre or bad dates, you will probably meet some decent people too


If I were single, I'd check out probably. It seems like the most professional.

Princess Fix IT

My husband and I met online about 6 years ago...not through a dating service or chat room, but mearly by chance. All the same, as you can see, it worked out quite well :)

If you do go about that route, just be careful and maybe take a look at what Kevin wrote for a class project about online dating here:

Good luck man...sometimes ya just gotta go for it.


Hey Princess & gang, thanks for the advice. I joined, let's see what happens. I have some experience with internet and online chat at least so hopefully that should help to keep expectations in check....

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