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February 27, 2004



Whoa, that video was AWESOME. I only understood like 20% of it, and I still thought it was great. The guy was a much better speaker than I'd have expected from a computer engineering type.

"You know we can uniquely identify you already, with your MAC address and so on?"
"Shut up! Take it out or else!"

I really liked his message about getting over the perpetual speed increase treadmill and doing something genuinely new. I always love having a viewpoint like that challenged, even if I can never come up with anything better.

How about that audience, though? Nothing but 50-something guys in flannel, with big beards and no hair atop their head.


I think the audience was Stanford cpu architect-class professors and grad students.

Yes, I think the video is major awesome. I have noticed that many project leads and architects that are good at having a good human face many times... or maybe it's just anecdotal evidence that those that give presentaitons are the ones that share these traits.. Hmm.. good question.

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