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March 20, 2004


fionnuala cullen

i really liked your photo. the setting is very good. i was wondering could you email me some information on framing and viewpoint please? as i am working on my photography a level courseworks technical information section and i am finding it extremely difficult to find any information on it so if you would be so kind as to do this for me i will be very very grateful

yours sincerly,

Fionnuala Cullen


Hi Fionnuala. Thanks for the comments!

I do not have any particular links on framing and view point unfortunately. I am pretty much self-taught.

I would say though, try www.google.com and see what you can find. Are you looking for "readily available information that is free" or are books from a bookstore an option? I bought a book on digital photography that I think it's good in that it covers quite a bit.

- Raist

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