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March 29, 2004



The interesting thing is that a couple of months ago, OPEC said they would 'maintain prices', meaning they would keep oil production level or slightly increase it to keep prices level.

Just a few weeks later, they reversed their decisions - I don't think there were clear indications why. I did here at least one guy on the radio saying that it was possible that Saudi Arabia had just run out of capacity.

I think we need to transition to fission-based nuclear power very quickly (within the decade) to buy us time to finish developing fusion.

As much as I like the renewable sources, they won't be sufficient. Also, consider that at large enough scales, these renewable sources environmentally unfriendly. Windmill farms kill birds and affect wind patterns. Hydroelectric destroys river ecosystems. Wave-driven generators (at a sufficient scale) would have adverse impacts on the coastal environs.

Nothing is free. We fucked up (we, our parents, their parents, etc) and now we have to pay.

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