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March 04, 2004



I feel the same way. I don't know if it's because I own it or we got lucky and have a nice place. But I loooove it. I don't work quite as much as I used to (especially the weekends) and I find myself a little more tolerant of petty work things. It really does make a difference.


You know, I never realized that it would affect the way you act and do things at work.. Hmm.. that is interesting.. it's all the more interesting because I can somewhat identify also with what you said.

Hmm... makes me wonder.... maybe there's some psychological research on this somewhere :-)


I found that it takes weeks for the fact that this is actually *yours* to sink in.

Especially at my current house, it was like 'i can't believe it... i can't believe it... i can't believe it...' :)

Even now, nearly two years later, I still wander around the house at night, before going upstairs to sleep, and tell myself I can't believe it.

I does change your life.

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