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April 13, 2004



i mean this in the nicest way possible, but perceptive is not a word i would use to describe you. at least when it comes to the human condition. i think you definitely have a very, very keen eye for detail but you can be somewhat oblivious of things that go on around you. you have a tendency to focus on one thing so strongly that other things fade away as if they don't exist.


Thanks for the feedback.

I'll agree that I can focus on something in particular very strongly that I will shut down perception to other things. But in that thing that I do focus, I am very perceptive.

Since I have seen first hand things I have perceived/read on people I know first hand I have the perception, but if the focus on the other areas is there or not, I will agree that it may not be there.. and things that at a time and place I would perceive, in another time and place I may not because I am focused on something else.

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