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June 14, 2004



this just goes to confirm my allegations that your gaydar has always been completely wacked.


Hey now. Cut me some slack. I was in a place were like 95% of the people were gay. And I was prudent enough to not think too much about it- I do verify.... :-P


i didn't mean it in a bad way, i just remember all the times we've been out and you've pointed out people who you claimed were gay and i always disagreed.
adam's gaydar: 99.95% accurate

do not defy me.



Hahaha.. I didn't mean it that seriously. I think you are right but I have some ability, just not... as good as others I guess. But regardless, I guess one of my main point is, it doesn't matter if he's gay or not, I will bump into this type. It's like writen somehwere... or something.


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