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August 08, 2004



doom 3 is awesome! kickass! awesome!

/me does the awesome-doom3 dance

I can't play more than an hour at a time, though, and have to shower afterwards :)


Hahaha.. well I am glad you say it's awesome becuase I was concerned about its single player value. So what video card and resolution you play in?


800x600, 4xAA, Max detail.

System is: 2.8GHz P4 HT, 512MB PC3200, ATI 9800 Pro 128Mb DDR.

It chugs sometimes (much smoother at 640x480), which is a bit disappointing.

The game is Masterful, no other word fits. I spent a lot of time in the 'intro' phase, figuring no programmer would spent so much time making every part of the environment move, swing, flicker, swoosh, without a reason (I've explained this rule to my rapidly-becoming-gamer kids: if something looks complicated, or pretty, hack at it, cuz it was hard to code, hence must have purpose). All my exploration was to no avail, though - it was all just eye candy.

The purpose of all this eye candy becomes evident as soon as the bad guys hit the scene. When the lights go out, and your health is '2', and zombies are popping out of every corner, and you start shooting everything that moves - THEN you realize why those fvckers made EVERY FCKING THING MOVE.


The last game this intense (for me) was Resident Evil. Call of Duty made me sweat, but didn't scare me regularly. BTW, it helps to play in the hardest setting (I suspect I wouldn't be as involved if I weren't constantly about to die).

I experience at least one hair raising moment every night, and pause many times to admire particularly nice bits of design.

That being said, the levels are getting a bit repetitive.

BTW, I think my kid put it best: the game plays just like a good Haunted House - dark, bumps in the night, lots of stuff jumping out at you...


Man that sounds really good!!!! Well it's good to see Id software being able to pull a compelling single player experience. I read somehwere that the gameplay was derivative and nothign out of the ordinary.

But personally let's say that review was right- even if it's like that but *it's well done* that to me counts for a lot. It maybe "just more cake" but if the cake is really good, why complain?

Your CPU is fine, sounds like what you need is a new videocard :-)

And oh, I would need a new PC or laptop.. but I am not buying a laptop with me having just bought one in Feb.. hmmm...

Well at least I can play warcraft 3 superbly well... to me anything blizzard is a must :-)

- Raist

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