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September 22, 2004



katamari damacy. you must play this game. now.


Um... what game is that? BTW, I bougth Demon Stone- the new lord of the rings-team made official AD&D game...


katamari is a Japanese game brought over here. The whole point of the game is to roll a sticky ball (the katamari, or clump in English) over everything you can to try and get it to be bigger. You start small, with things like tacks and whatnot, but as the levels go, you get to make it bigger and bigger until you are rolling up whole buildings. It's pretty cool.

Rough translation of the title, "Clump of souls"


I finally read on the game... "Clump of souls?" now that sounds eeeevvvvillll :-)

- Raist

Romuald Fernison

Tried MK: Deception. Was what the title apply stated.

I pressed "punch" five times. It punched once. Tried to spear the enemy with Scorpion. Sucked ass. I had to play with the D-Pad on the xbox controller and it was awful.

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