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November 28, 2004



I get the feeling this was sparked by something I'm not privy to, but I think I agree. I've done more whining over the years than most of North America combined, and it just doesn't accomplish anything in the long run. (Note, for instance, that I've basically quit the incessant self-abuse in my comments on Falcon Twin.)

I guess the problem is the misconception that fishing for sympathy will actually cause you to get it; in reality, it just seems to earn you everyone's contempt. Better to say nothing at all.


Nothing in particular sparked this I guess. This is just something that when I loook back at both recent and "far in the past" experiences I realize that It would do me well to remember it. And I feel I needed to say a deep reaching Life Conclusion(tm).

When our teacher said this, it was in the context of something that needed to be done but didn't seem nice to do at first, but she also meant it a bit in general (I think). When I mention it now, I mean it that sometimes I can be too goddamn open and honest with everyone, including people I just met... and that I need to remember that the world around me does have predators that will take advantage.

It's a "don't be afraid or feel guilty to tell people to f*ck off when you need to" kind of thing.

Probably what made me think about this and put me in this mood was my recent breakup with my now ex-boyfriend #2. Not becuase I needed to tell him that, but just the whole downspiral of feelings made me look at my life again.

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