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November 05, 2004



Fuckin' A, man! You should be really proud of what you've accomplished. I know you sometimes question your abilities, but I hope you'll take this as a hint that you're actually pretty damned talented.


Great. I just spent my day at my thankless job smacking my head against idiotic tool bugs and the hell of it is no one will ever care.

You? You get to point to a cool game and say "yay! I kick ass" - and you get a party to boot.

Congrats! I hate you! (not really)


Ok, let me dispel one myth very quickly:

"So you work in the game industry? Wow, must be nice to play games all day!"

ERR.. NO. It's a *LOT* of work, thank you. A lot of blood, sacrifices and tears. I really mean this. There's fun moments and aspects, sure, but don't think for a moment it's all dance and happiness.... you are watching the conclusion, not the process.

Sorry, just had to say it :-)

PS: Yeah, that was for my good friend Carlos.. Bman knows exactly what I am talking about :-)


Dude, I *know* it's hard. Mine is hard too.

It's just that at the end of the day, my work disappears into one of 3000 products Cisco is working on, yours goes in a shiny, colorful box at Circuit City. AND you get lunch.


Congrats!! It's always a good feeling to produce a product that everyone likes.

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