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November 23, 2004



You're the #1 google hit for "nintendo ds buyer's remorse." Congrats. :)

I'm somewhat the same when it comes to buying games and gadgetry. A slew of bad buying decisions in the past have made me a bit gun-shy when it comes to slapping down the bills for a new game.

On more than one occasion, while browsing the huge software selection at Best Buy, has my wonderful wife declared, "Go ahead and get a game." These words usually fill me with a mild euphoria as memories of "successful" purchases fly through my mind:

* The day my dad and I bought my C-128...
* The day I got an Amiga 500
* Amiga 3000
* Lemmings
* Unreal Tournament
* Tron 20th Anniversary Special Edition

Oh, this will be another landmark purchase...

Then the reality of the situation begins to set in. Despite being surrounded by all this wonderful software and technology, I really have no desire to own any of it. Suddenly, the prospect of having to choose a (probably crappy) game or walk out empty handed is less than appealing.

When I'm not around software, I want it... but when given the opportunity to buy it, I'd rather be doing something else.

It's kind of like sitting at work thinking, "If I were at home right now, I really wouldn't mind vacuuming... so long as I was at home and not here." But then you get home that night and think, "Vacuuming really sucks."

And this relates back to the DS how? Well, here's why I googled "remorse":

I'm a Sony guy. I have a PS2 that I've had some really good times with and I'd gotten very excited about the PSP. (Particularly since I discovered its wireless support.)

Similar to your situation, a bunch of (3) co-workers had recently acquired DS's in all their tangible glory. Beautiful little devices. The "virtual surround" bootup sound alone blew me away.

After much teasing of the spouse that I was going to run out and buy one, she actually said, "Go buy one."

So how could I not buy one?

I very matter-of-factly picked up the DS along with Super Mario 64 DS (naturally) at the local GameStop.

The device has been virtually glued to my hand for 3 days now. I can't play enough Mario. I can't play enough of the minigames. I can't fidget with Pictochat and the friggin' cool little configuration menus enough. I just can't get enough... and even if I wanted to get more... I can't. Because there's nothing else out there.

I think I googled "remorse" because I feel like I spent $190 just to play Super Mario 64. An awesome game. But not "$190" awesome.

It's really just the lack of software available that's bugging me. I am, however, impressed with the device itself.

But tonight, I found myself drooling over the screenshots for Mercury on the PSP.

I will ... I must ... own both.

And I part with this toast (or prayer, if you will): Here's to more great games for the DS! (And I mean "great games" ... not "great (insert qualifier) games" ... like "great puzzle games" or "great mini-games" ... just "great games" ... please ...)




"You're the #1 google hit for "nintendo ds buyer's remorse." Congrats. :)"


I see you also went through the Amiga thing. I certainly did. I still have my Amiga 1200 and it still works!

I have to say only this though: Since Konami officially announced Castlevania coming for the DS, any buyers remorse I had stopped :-)

- Raist


I've only heard good things about Castlevania, but have never played it. I'll keep my eye on it!

I still have my Amiga 3000, a broken C128, an Atari 2600, and an Apple IIc. The last two are currently set up and in use. I'm one of those homebrew wannabe's developing a game for the 2600. (Development has slowed considerably in the past few months.)


I use emulators for Amiga stuff these days. Wonderful machines, they were. :)


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