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December 06, 2004



Hi dude, did you have a hand in Rachet And Clank 3?


Yeah... and you are...?

- Raist


The guy who e-mailed you from abingdon and witney collage, see ya mail i guess.

Siolis Deoden
[Ollie Miles, Riken Uraki]


It's true that it gets depressing after a break-up. All the things about your ex that you remember seem to pop out from the back of your mind every time you don't want to remember him/her. The only way to get through the tough times is to keep yourself occupied, and to keep telling yourself that everthing will be okay soon.


After all this time... it surely has helped- the passage of time... but even today I get some thoughts about that ex (I have had a new one since then). I didn't see him for like 6 months and then we went out to watch some improv theater together.

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