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February 20, 2005



I'll try it out. How does the output compare vs. C1?

I've abandoned C1 because the (un-disablable) chroma sharpening tends to 'enhance' my 300d's noise at high ISOs (1600-3200).

My workflow today is:

1. DPP (a free, Canon-only RAW converter, very nice, fast, non-intrusive, and clean). I only extract, adjust WB, and correct exposure here. I might adjust the curves too, if needed.
2. PS5.0, NeatImage plugin if noisy, sharpening.


OK, my two cents:

- Free
- Fast
- Nice workflow
- I really like the 'fill-light', 'shadow contrast' etc controls... nice

- Image quality not good

And thats the killer, aint it? :)

I should be clear: for low noise images, it turned out just about equivalent images (on par with DPP and C1, though I liked the latter's skintones more). When it got noisy, it wasn't pretty. No matter what I tried, the result was just icky. I experimented with an iso1600 shot, which had some noise, though not much, and it seemed to accentuate the noise, translating it into some artifacty-looking stuff...

I posted some 100% crops on flickr, though they're password protected (pics of my kids).


You need to play with it some more. Play in particular with the detail and sharpness sliders (you can only change them if you zoom in). I have been able to extract excellent, higher dynamic range shots.

- Riast

Tina Belmont

I'm not very deep in digital photography, but I did download the RawShooter program. I couldn't figure out how to do anything with it. The PDF that was supposed to be the instructions didn't work, and it didn't recognise any files on my memory card. I'm confused...

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