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February 09, 2005



Hi Ricardo-

Sorry to hear about the breakup. And I have to admit- I was never really able to make sense out of actors either!?!? Your post reminded of a short film I saw recently: "Never Date and Actress" http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/1357857

Not likely to be the same story, but some things may ring familiar... and hopefully bring a smile to your face ;)


Hey Emilio!

I just watched the clip- yeah it's funny. No, my ex isn't this way but.. hmm there's just a something ... that seems in common here. No, he is not shallow (I wouldn't have lasted long if that was the case, I would have dumped him) but there is indeed a something about... god hard to explain.

Something about the demeanor in the idea talk or something.. that is eerily similar.


- Raist


I think I got it. And I am going to make a new word in English too while I am at it:

Subtle Pretentious Self-Center-ness.

It's not narcissism, for narcissism can be done alone. I think my label has to be done in the company of others.

It's a variant of the "all about me" but not quite the same. It's more subtle, with little moves to always point the camera back at the center of attention- the one who acts this way.

It's the little kid that can't really make a truly altruistic gift regardless whether it is recorded or not, and self publishes the effort. But again, in a VERY subtle way.

Hmmm makes sense?


My brother has been living with an actress for a few years now (they recently had their first kid). I can say this much: late night conversations got interesting... if by "interesting" you mean "overly excited about neverending reams of trivial movie minutiea". They do tend to think about themselves and their image an aweful lot. I figure this is what makes them suited for the job :)



I was just thinking what comes first- their self thoughts or the fact that since they have that "special look" (read: they look hot or like models or have that 'something') the world by default catters to them, and they are raised this way.

- Raist


Impossible to separate one from the other.
"Yo soy yo y mi circumstancia"- José Ortega y Gasset


Details details.. interesting how a very old phrase I heard/read a long time ago all of a sudden at my age has new full Multimedia Meaning(tm).


Hi Ricardo. Damn, it's been eight, no, TEN years. I saw your photos from Christmas 2003, and you haven't changed a bit since 1995. Still "llenito," I see :-)

I'm sorry to hear about your breakup, and I hope that your life is moving in new and better directions. Cuidate mucho!


PS -- Julio recently mail-ordered a PSP, and the wait is driving him crazy. We have a PS2 and are currently playing Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms. It's not nearly good as the Final Fantasy series, but it's adequate.


OH Wow PHIL! Where are you now?

Anyhow, very soon hopefully I will have time not not be "llenito." Lots of time in fact. More on that later.

On the PS2 I *HIGHLY* recommend God of War which is simply amazing.

Write me more stuff @ [email protected]

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