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February 10, 2005



Yeah, I'm really stoked for it. Preordered mine a couple of weeks ago. Good thing, too, as GameStop is apparently sold out for their first shipment:


I was also really impressed to hear that game sharing, one of the particularly cool features of the DS, will also be available on the PSP:


So now the touch screen is the DS's only major feature advantage. They need to jump on that, fast.

It's a shame Sony decided to force everyone to buy the "value" pack (hmm, $50 of extra crap I don't need doesn't seem like a particularly good value to me...), since it really widens the price gap between the two systems.


I got mine the other day. Here is a little something Sony apparently doesn't want people to know. If you read the manual on p. 67 you will clearly see that the memory has a little issue. Pro Duo vs. Duo. With Duo you can have all the fuction, Save: Games, Movies, Music and Pictures. But with the Pro Duo, It doesn't support Music. Duo is smaller in size, and cost the largest I found is 128mb. ProDuo goes up to 1 Gig. Just a problem I observed. All in all this PSP is well worth it. Don’t let this memory thing stop you. Recommendation: Get Both, ProDuo and Duo. You can Easily switch them. When you want. That is if you can afford it.

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