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March 01, 2005



Excellent - I look forward to the cream o' the crop.

Going through 900 pics is going to be daunting, no matter what. I just went through 100, through away 70. I recommend brutality: if the photo isn't extremely interesting (or absolutely required, as in company or group pics), discard right away :)

Regarding jpeg vs. raw - with the new tools, converting raw isn't as painful as it was before. If you want to go beyond that (postprocess, remove noise, hand tweak the curves), then real pain sets in, but even so, it'd be a *lot* more painful to tweak pics in jpeg than in tiff.

Regarding checking the lcd - I do, but mostly to check the histogram. I trust my shutter setting to take care of blur (I don't always get this right, though), and am always thinking about composure. Exposure, though, is always worth glancing at. You want that histogram to be brushing the right of the scale...

Regarding equipment vs. skill, I mostly agree. There are some shots that are going to be very difficult, if not impossible, without the right equipment though - your elevator/interior shot, for example... try THAT with a normal p&s, or with a slow lens, for that matter.

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