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March 05, 2005



I too, have noticed this phenomenon at SEVERAL game companies. I don't agree with your theory. Because I've known plenty of guys that have never dated an asian girl and still had an "asian girl fetish". But, then again, I don't have a better theory than yours!


I agree with the observation, but the reasoning why seems...I dunno, too easy somehow. There's gotta be something else. Damned if I know what, though.


mmmmmm, hentai...


Hentai... ? rotfl.

Paul, maybe the attraction is explained by one thing, and the ability to keep the relationship is what my theory explains :-)

Of course, I don't discard my theory could be just a severe oversimplification and is wrong :-)


compared to the rest of the population, what percentage of people in the industry enjoy anime or know how to eat with a pair of chopsticks? if you're hardcore enough to want to work with games for a living, you are probably more likely to have some affinity towards asian culture in general. but i don't personally know many programmers... to the best of my recollection, you don't have a thing for asian chicks


actually, i take that back. you have a weird chun-li fetish


As a guy who is dating a Japanese girl and dated a Chinese girl, let me tell you they are surely NOT more willing to put up with the games industry. That whole submission thing is a myth. For me, I think it comes from having a vietnamese girl as my best friend while growing up, but also probably has something to do with gamers who grew up on Nintendo and anime, and over time it influences us. Plus, asian chicks are way hotter than gaijin.


"Plus, asian chicks are way hotter than gaijin."

LOL... but wouldn't at this point it be a circular argument :-)

PS: I am laughing at the term you used... you know too much Japanese! :-)

PSS: I find interesting your post.. I can see what you are saying yet I have seen the other side too. I wonder if there's a big divide amongst asian women in the US- those who want to liberate themselves from "the should be" and those that are still the "should be" - where "should be" is what their culture tries to dictate.

Or maybe it's like in PR where they look pretty "submissive" at first but by sheer passive agression(tm) end up driving the car?

Anyway, just brainstorming... I am gay and I haven't hanged around asian women really, so I don't know for sure.


Yes to passive aggression, for sure, which is more the asian way than outright confrontation, and also, from everything I've read, asian women who come here are changed by the culture. Many Japanese couples who come here end up in divorce because the women are no longer willing to put up with their husband's work style, whereas in Japan it would be disliked, but accepted since it is more the norm.

Of course, this is all from whay my gf has told me, and also what I've read, so don't accept it as any sort of fact, just an educated opinion.


mmmmmm, chunliiiiiii

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