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March 05, 2005


Tina Belmont

I suppose this thread is bound to offend somebody sooner or later, but I won't worry about it... I'll just speak plainly.

I think you forgot some key data.

I think you'll find the asian women who are with geeks are from the poorer asian nations. Generally the asian women from the more successful asian nations marry within their nationality by family pressure. The ones from the poorer nations are willing to marry outside of their nationality because their chances of finding a monetarily successful mate in their own nationality are much lower.

Geeks generally have decent income potential, which is very important to the family. Furthermore, they are not going to be too hard to live with because they are always at work and have pretty low sex drives. That's right guys, they REALLY dislike having to service you, or even having you around at all. Fortunately, geeks are often quite submissive, especially to females, for whom they are frequently starved for attention.

Whereas the average non-geek male is of high self-esteem, and frequently a larger, more impressive physique, they have already run off with all of the buxom cheerleader types. The geek, having no chance with such (although they would prefer them if they had the chance) is more apt to accept a small-breasted asian woman.

Furthermore, the asian woman is liable to be less disappointed with the smaller physique of many geeks because asian men also tend to have smaller physiques...

Now, I'm sure at some point someone is going to say, "What about Love?" Truth be told, it is very rare for any woman to marry for love. Oh, the GUY might think that it's about love, but if anything happens to damage that income potential, watch out! The only thing that might keep her around are kids, and even that isn't a given.

It's all about the benjamins, fellas.


You know I missed your post before Tina.

I find a lot of interesting things said in there... but I can't exactly buy the physique theory. Why? To my very own surprise a lot of the geeks were I work have a decent physique- or at leats a physique I wouldn't consider "geek small and sad."

Crowplzr for one (if you allow me to say this :-P) is not a super tall guy but I think is quite fit *grin*.

Also at least a couple of them I have seem interact seem quite happy with their husbands.

Now, I wouldn't disagree with the confidence level, or the starving for attention. That I can see at least in a lot of cases.

Finally a woman marrying for love being rare, I really think that varies state from state. In Los Angeles? Hah! I am not surprised.


Man, if I could learn the art of combining sentences in proper paragraphs...

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