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May 20, 2005



I saw it this afternoon too. I liked it. I thought the acting (*cough*hayden*cough*) was kind of weak (there's a shock) and a couple of the scene transitions were really awful. And the scene in Palpatine's office, the prosthetics and acting there were...um...unfortunate.

I particularly loved the lighting and color for the first two-thirds of the film (up to the fights in the senate chamber and on the lava planet). Really beautiful work.

About half the people in the (not especially crowded) theater when I saw it were kids, and much to my amazement, they all behaved themselves throughout the film. Astonishing.


Visuals: A+
Writing: D-
Pacing: D-
Acting: B
Directing: F

Between the painful "I love you... no, I love you more!" hallmarkish dialogue and the bonehead Jedi stupidity, I didn't really enjoy myself. My kids were lukewarm too.

I mean, when the best acting is done by a CG character (Yoda), what do that say about the director?

And while some scenes were powerful, most were vapid.


Star Wars Episode III is the best bad movie ever made. It's the movie Ed Wood might have made if he had the time, the money, and the technology. (Ed Wood directed Plan 9 From Outer Space.) I thought it was a hilarious movie in how bad it was. But, it's indeed the best of the prequels, which is like saying a punch to the gut is better than a stab in the eye.


Hahahaha LOL! :-)

"I love you... no, I love you more!" is all I am going to reply :-)

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