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May 05, 2005



I've been listening to the BBC online like I usually do while I work on tomorrow's page, and they've had some party representatives in the studio to discuss the incoming election results.

What's impressed me most is how much less spin they put on things, compared to what goes on in America. (Though there still is some.) Here, candidates could pretty much get up on stage and scream obscenities at the audience for thirty minutes, and afterward all their hangers-on would swoon over what a "dignified showing" they made or some such bullshit.

I was kind of astonished to hear the Labo(u)r party rep actually acknowledge that some of the results have been less than positive for them.

Political party members not living in total and complete denial of reality, what a concept.


I actually think political party members are not living in total and complete denial- I believe most of them know pretty well what's going on- but they won't admit it to the public.

I totally agree on the spinning of the candidates after their on-stage.. um.. Real Performance(tm) John Stewart critiziced exactly that when he was in cross fire.

I just saw another clip from the Daily Show on critizicing our media- it's amazing how our media offers opinions on the news and what we should really consider *WHEN IT IS NOT THEIR JOB TO DO SO*.

Just report the news...

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