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September 22, 2005



TBH, #3 and #4 don't do much for me, but the rest of the photos look really great. #6 in particular is pretty wild.


I think it's kind of natural some are so so since they are just going by chronological order. If I used wide angle while it was going up it would have been more interesting though.

Also I think I got problems with focus. I better figure out how to get my camera into hyperfocal-to infinite correctly because this is going to bite me again in the future in shots like these.

I was simply stunned this would be as interesting as I saw it was.


yeah, wow, the first two and last two are simply stunning, very beautiful


Thanks man. I need to make sure I learn to focus better to infinity in the future for this kind of shots.

Also I may go to Vanderberg to see if I can get close enough to a rocket launch to photograph the real thing from afar with another photographer guy....

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