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November 27, 2007


Chuck Maddock

Looks like Oly's marketing spins really got to your head.

Face it...Oly screwed up when they decided to go with such a tiny sensor. They didn't think that megapixel would hit double digit before the E1 even hit the market. They failed to anticipate that sensor prices would continue to drop and that the megapixel/sensor technology would be where it is today.

You honesty don't think that Oly now wishes they aren't bound by a tiny sensor? Time to get your head out of the sand, Dude!

Face, size matters!


Yes, size matters. It's one of the reasons to go 4/3rds actually- to not carry those big lens tanks for ultra zoom.

4/3rds has its pros and cons like everything else. Your post amounts to big time speculation followed by "because I say so." That doesn't convince anyone.

Care to make a good elaborate rational post or you are going to go by a "because I say so" logic?

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