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January 23, 2008



congrats! (fanboi :)

Re ipod, just give the aftermarket a few months, I'm sure someone will come up with a way to to patch in an AUX port.

Re Mazda, you don't really get zoomzoom unless you're driving the Mazdaspeed - other than that, it's just marketing.


Cool! I just saw one of those for the first time a couple of days ago. It's a good looking car. I have the Griffin iTrip from some Best Buy super accessory pack. It's meh. Sometimes it loses the station that I have it locked to transmit on. But it does charge and it traps the audio from the "line out" instead of the head phones.


Oops. I was thinking the Aura. Maybe you are the first to own one! Wow, I like the Astra a lot. You know I'm a hatchback geek.


Yes, I actually was given the option to get a low end Aura. The low end Aura to my surprise comes with a lot of standard options too and it rocked, but I really didn't like the "big car feel" while driving it (though the interior is certainly comfortable).

But the Astra rocks anway! It's *NOT* a low end compact at all. Everything is substantial and a bonus- because GM was in a hurry to bring it over, the Astra is very literally the European GM Opel (Vauxhall in UK) Astra.. means all the controls for Europe, the suspension completely european in all the trims, everything is. Even the engine. The only changes are minor like the 5 mph bumpers for US and the California compliant emissions.

And let me tell you it does feel good. Hardly "bouncy" if you say were trying to bounce the car left and right and I don't even have the sports tuned suspension!

It just feels comfortable and nice as hell. BTW, Paul, didn't realize you were a hatchback geek but yes, I don't mind hatchbacks and they rock!

Another reason why I looked at the Astra was fuel economy- 24/30 EPA 2008 in the AT transmision. One note: the EPA 2008 lowered the mileage for virtually most cars, it's more realistic, and gives cars with a bigger engine a nicer chance to look on numbers because bigger engines can be ironically as efficient or even more than smaller ones in some cases, due to the fact they are not revving up as much all the time.

A coworker that has a corvette pointed this out to me- he gets around 30 mph in highway on it.

I need to post some pics but I don't have like any good shots of my car yet. BTW, go to saturn.com and check it out. The moon roof of the 5-door sedan (what I have) is just INSANE. People in the back have the full view of the sky pretty much.


Oh and the Astra comes standard with some high end stuff - like automatic windshield wipers (yes, they sense the amount of rain and adjust accordingly), automatic headlights, the key is like the VW/Mercedes- the "push button, clicks out metal laser etched key" which is weird bearing a Saturn logo :-) Also heated cloth seats (an option but my car has it).

It's truly a nice car. Leg space rocks too.


Yes, the Corvette is well known for it's bang-for-buck performance and lesser known for it's incredible fuel efficiency. Actually, they just announced that future Corvettes will probably just weigh less instead of adding horsepower. You know I had a VW Golf in San Diego. In Seattle I traded it in for a GTI. Here's how it sits at the moment... http://www.flickr.com/photos/screwtheman/2216290617/


Ah the VW Golf.. I remember now! BTW, the VW is a really nice car too... I thought about it but was a bit out of range and I wanted better fuel economy... but it's a nice car.


Ah the VW Golf.. I remember now! BTW, the VW is a really nice car too... I thought about it but was a bit out of range and I wanted better fuel economy... but it's a nice car.

Turns out that in Europe, the Opel Astra and VW Golf have traded the place for #1 Car in Europe across the years...

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