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June 14, 2008



"It's the glaring reminder "in your face" than in this universe, when all is said and done, you are really, alone"

Fundamental Truth. How can it be otherwise?

Of course, the interesting thing is, you are not alone in being alone. Everyone else belongs to the same set :)

Ricardo Hernandez

LOL. well. There are so many "obvious things" at least the philosophical level that seem to have escaped me... and then I get some life experiences to remind me- as painfully as possible- of those things when nothing else does it. Or so it seems.

PS: Got two new toys- Epson R2880 (say hi to 3 level ink B&W and 13'' x 19'' + fine art canvas printing). And just ordered the fastest lens in 4/3rds- the Panny-Leica F1.4, 50mm equiv (25mm). Decided I can use that for a lot of the low light work I do. We'll see when it arrives.

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