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June 13, 2008


Henry Lam

MGS was not my cup of tea neither. But since I heard so much about these games from my brother and co-workers (and PS3 does not have that much great gmes yet), I finally give it a try on MGS4. This game does take lots of time. After 3 months of playing this game (actually only 20 hours total play time), I am still trying to finish the game (almost done, I just passed the screaming mantis stage). I have to say I do love this game now. I love the music, the story line, characters and the graphics. I now understand why people are crazy about this game. Sneaking around in battle fields without being caught by anyone, this game really makes my heart pumping fast. I could have a heart attack because of playing MGS4.

Henry Lam

BTW, Happy New Year, Ricardo.


Happy New Year Henry! Blu Ray is nice. Just too pricey but I got some nice movies recently because there was a "Black Friday" sale. I still have MGS4 unplayed.. maybe I should try to give it a real try....

Funny thing is, I played Metal Gear Solid on the old old Nintendo NES and I did like that one....

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