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August 27, 2008



I, for one, welcome our Computer Overlords.

BTW, I tried to read The Age of Spiritual Machines, by Kurzweil, over the summer. I just couldn't do it. The Singularity will probably happen at some point, but Kurzweil's glib, superficial arguments are just impossible to take. I know I'm probably not the book's target audience (as far as I can tell, his target was oprah-watching dorito-munching computer ignoramuses) but jeesh.


You welcome them? I really don't know.

I have not read any of his books. To tell the truth, I have not READ ANYTHING in years now. I should be ashamed. So much knowledge out there to think about things and I am reading nothing. Well the web, but not great books. And you on the other hand have read enough to write the Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy from scratch at this point :-)

As for Kurzweil... I find interesting his timetable as posted in the wikipedia from his latest book. But I don't buy that it will all happen like that so fast, and I think he's assuming that all of humanity behaves like the utopic Star Trek comunism (gasp!). But then I haven't read his book. So I don't know. I would probably puke like you did, maybe not as strong.

But on computer overlords... well I suppose seeing what we are doing, makes one think that it would be in the end better. I am really not so sure.

BTW, one of the things that Kurzweil predicts is the "and then The Universe Wakes Up." If something make me a skeptic, is the fact that "the Universe hasn't 'waken up' already" (unless it did and has remained to do things 'undergroun')... because the singularity surely would have happened by now somewhere else...

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