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September 19, 2008



El que te recuerda que llegaste a los 40?

El Chico Malo

un crecimiento simbiĆ³tico?


"El que te recuerda que llegaste a los 40?"


Henry Lam

A friend is someone who you can rely on, who always support you, who like you just because of who you are, who know you well... etc.

Hope everything went well on you.



Thanks your answer Henry. I am doing fine, just.. thinking.. :-) Thanks again.

ekerete uma

what is your name and how do u get there.


What is my what and how do I get where? Who are you?

Angel Manzano

Hey Raist,

A friend is just a friend (infinite loop) :-)

Hope you are ok. All the best on 2009 !!


Hola dude. Call me- give me your phone # . Or e-mail me ...

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